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Hi, y’all. I’m Abby, and I’m delighted to be here with you. My intention with With This Body is to simply to keep writing, keep sharing, and keep connecting.

Once a month, I’ll share something yoga-related (my day-job).

Twice a month, I’ll share something more creative and personal.

Always, it will be from the heart.

Update as of Feb 2, 2024:
I have recently removed all paywalls, making all previous posts available, so everyone can access everything! The only differences between being a free and paid subscriber are: 1. paid subscribers can comment on any and all posts, and 2. paid subscribers get the satisfaction of knowing that their $ support helps me create more content with greater ease. I appreciate you all, so much! ♥️

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Writings about living in and trying to love this body that I'm in.


Just a gal with a fused spine and a healing heart, trying her best.